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le Jeu 10 Mai - 13:22
Hey !

Who am I ?

My name is Esteban and I'm fifteen years old but I will be sixteen on the nineteenth. I live in the north of France, in Normandy. I'm learning a programming language, the Java, and I develop plug-ins for minecraft  Wink And of curse I speak French, and little of Spanish. Oh Yes and I'm learning Swedish !

Who am I in games ?

In games ? I'm playing to minecraft for maybe 1 or 2 years now, I don't like PVP but I prefer develop plug-ins or play with the command block. Oh yes I forget my minecraft nickname is Imaginatix like the discord one.

Why me ?

It's a good question ! Maybe because it's me, I can help you for the plug-ins, for moderate, for help and so on. Or I'm calm, I'm a good joker Very Happy (as I am now applying in English when I could have applied in French).

My motivation

I don't have any, I do this because I'm boring Very Happy

I have discord, and minecraft Very Happy

Your fucking mother, ImahLeBGdu67
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